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Work Plan Update

project actions

For The
first 6 months

  • “Towards offshore wind development in India” capacity building workshops conducted in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Delhi
  • Consortium partners' and potential stakeholders field visit to Europe
  • Stakeholder survey for knowledge and skill gap analysis
  • Tender for LiDAR Procurement finalised
  • Identification and ranking of zones based on wind potential assessment through spatial mapping using satellite data, and overlay of hard constraints
  • Prefeasibility study and constraint analysis on financial, technical, environmental and regulatory aspects of identified zones
  • Global and national review of policies, regulations and incentives for offshore wind and Policy Report
specific objectives

To create an enabling
environment through resource
mapping, policy guidance and
capacity building measures to
unlock the offshore potential of


To utilize EU offshare learning to
reduce technical barries,
financial risks


Undertake techno-commercial
studies to showcase the potential
of offshore wind projects


To create strategic partnerships,
which enhance access to and
awareness of offshore wind

action plan

For The
Next 6 months

  • LiDAR Procurement & Deployment
  • Initiate study on supply chain
  • Initiate study on logistics (ports, vessels) and infrastructure requirements
  • Grid study for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu (Study on the impact of Large- Scale integration of offshore wind in the national grid)
  • Constraint data analysis for offshore to update GIS Model
  • Field visit of the Indian delegation to Europe
  • Inception workshop in India for EU India offshore research platform
  • Followup workshop for cross-study training in Europe for EU India offshore research platform
  • Preparation of plans and programmes for capacity building and training to be conducted in 3rd year

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