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Towards Offshore Wind Power development in India - Capacity building Workshop - 12 September 2014 New Delhi


Ms Shruti Shukla, Sr Policy Advisor of GWEC commenced the workshop by welcoming all the guests and introduced the GWEC led consortium to the audience. Mr Rajendra Kharul, Director and Head, Centre for Wind Power, WISE, Pune briefed on the day’s agenda. Ms Smita Singh, Programme Manager, EU Delegation to India presented EU’s perspective on offshore wind in India. She opined that EU will be able to identify potential locations for project deployment in India through this project. Mr Samrat Sengupta, Project Manager, FOWIND briefed about the project and explained the seven work packages developed for this project under which the project activities have been grouped, and highlighted the tasks accomplished till date.
Mr J P Singh, Director, (Offshore Wind), MNRE delivered the inaugural address by presenting a brief background of wind energy and potential for offshore wind in India. He spoke about the various initiatives taken up by the Government of India for promoting offshore wind power. He also discussed about Offshore Wind Energy Steering Committee (OWESC), draft national offshore wind energy policy, demonstration project for offshore wind farm, proposed incentive mechanism and the role of National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) in facilitating offshore wind energy in India.

The technical Session - 1 started with the guests filling the survey questionnaire.  Mr. Paul Reynolds, Head, Strategy and Policy –Offshore wind, DNV GL Energy, UK spoke about the ‘European strategy for offshore wind and learning for India’. He summarised offshore wind energy project development activities and grouped them into 5 critical components namely regulation, finance, site selection, supply chain and grid infrastructure. Arjan Mast, Program Manager, TKI Offshore Wind, The Netherlands, spoke about the ‘Pre- project development activities for offshore wind’. He presented a cost model developed by TKI highlighting the importance of detailed project planning before execution. Shruti Shukla talked about ‘Offshore wind policy and regulations – global experience’. She presented the current global status of offshore wind energy and policy mechanisms in different countries. Rajendra Kharul expressed his views on ‘Development challenges for offshore wind in India’ and emphasised on the need to upgrade infrastructure components like ports and vessels to deploy large offshore wind turbines. He identified policy, regulation, ecology and environmental impact to be the key areas of concern for India.

The Technical session -2 started with a 25 minute film on offshore Wind Power¬− Horns Rev, Denmark which was followed by a panel & Open House Discussion on Key Challenges/barriers for offshore wind development.  The panel was chaired by Nandan Mahimkar, Vice President, ABB India Ltd and the members of the panel included Paul Reynolds, Arjan Mast, Andreas Thermann, Deputy Director, KfW Office and Rajendra Kharul. Analogies were drawn from the existing framework of DGH to provide a single window clearance for offshore wind projects in India. Although the consensus was to promote offshore wind through single window clearance mechanism, Mr Mahimkar expressed his concern that it might act as a bottleneck. It was concluded that for India, offshore wind energy should not just be limited to demonstration projects. It should be planned for a longer timeline while maintaining a balance between the targets set by the government and the capacity of industry.

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